Quality Policy

  Quality Policy – Assured Customer Excellence
“Our commitment is to provide products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements and demonstrate our continual improvement in quality, delivery, technology and cost innovation, by maintaining an effective quality management system.”
  Quality Values
  •   Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  •   People are our most valuable asset
  •   Suppliers and customers are long-term business partners
  •   Continuous process improvement is a way of life
  •   Ethical and socially responsible behaviour is essential
Every TejDhaval employee works under the guidance of these values, driven by its significance and is responsible for acting in accordance with them. From Designing through Supply, every detail that impacts your experience with Team TejDhaval, matters to us. Our Quality Systems are in place to ensure that we are performing within the parameters necessary to manufacture the best product possible for our customers. 
"Simply put – Quality is a culture @ TejDhaval!