Walkway Planks

Walkway Planks is commonly used for Industrial Walkways and Access Platforms, Oil Refineries, Cement Plant, Chemical Plant, Paper Mill, Power Plants, Civil Construction and many more applications.
  Commonly used materials for Walkway Plank are MS, GI and Aluminium  
  Thickness :: 1.20 to 2.00 mm 
  Width :: 100 mm onwards up to 1100 mm 
  Length :: 1000 mm onwards up to 4000 mm 
  Surface Finish :: Painting and Powder Coating 
  We are equipped to customize the design as per customer requirement and application
  Features and Benefits of Walkway Planks 
  Light Weight with heavy duty load bearing capacity
  Safe and Economic
  Corrosion Free
  Anti Sleep Surface provides slip resistance in all directions and in all weather conditions
  Anti Skid or Non Skid Perforated Dimple or Checkered Tread Design with Holes minimizes accidents in slippery conditions
  Perforation Holes are provided for Air Passage when Application is at Height
  Simple and Economical Installation of working platform 
  Stackable Design saves storage space and transportation cost
  Standard Design for Reuse 
  Made in India
  State of the Art Manufacturing 
Each plank is manufactured on in-house CNC TPP Machine with Best Quality of Raw Material and Powder coated with Virgin Quality of Powder and can be customized as per requirement and application with production capacity of 100 tons monthly
We are Supplying MS Walkway Planks for Safety Screen Application in Civil Construction to Leading Construction Companies and Aluminium Walkway Planks for Chemical Plants