Safety Screen

We provide complete solution from Designing to manufacturing to installation for Peripheral Edge Protection Safety Screen System with Working Platforms having following 3 variants 

  Variant 1 : Crane Handled
  Variant 2 : Guided and Crane Handled
  Variant 3 : Guided and Hydraulic


  System Description
Modular protection screen, with frames and working platform as integral part of system with corrugated perforated sheet as screen covering two and half floors in height with 1.8m height coverage above the working floor as a vision break for fear free environment to improve the safety and enhance the productivity of the personal


  To serve as a screen to create fear free environment to personal  at working level  with a minimum 1.8 m height vision break from the slab being cast.

  To serve as scaffolding with 3 levels of working platform all around the building, this will eliminate the external brackets for dead walls & peripheral columns for any type of formwork system in use. Provision for additional 2 levels of intermediate platforms, removable type is made, which is Optional 
  To mechanize yet simple to use modular system to enhance the safety and productivity of personal.
  To serve as catch net all around the building with 2.5 floors coverage in height.
  Design Criteria
  Designed as Class-2 scaffold as per BS :1139 part-5
  Wind loads as per IS:875-part-3 ( 44 m/sec for Mumbai)
  Up to 200 m height
  Modular and can be assembled at site
  Flexibility built in the system for support spacing adjustment to suit the site conditions
  90% reusability of components with modification for further projects
  Flexibility to adjust the floor to floor heights between the projects & longer life
  Solution can be customized to suit the shape yet reusable, hence can be treated as an asset rather than loading on single project
  3 levels of working platform for easy movement of personal and shifting of materials from floor to floor. Material stacking up to 2.00 MT on each unit is possible.
  Minimum time (4 to 5 mins. Per unit) for relocation by crane
  Protects Workers from Fall Accidents and Provides a safer feeling as good as they are working on ground increases their
  productivity by 15% to 20%
  Protection of Surrounding Areas, from falling objects
  Provides Advertising Space for Promotional Activity for your project
  Insurance Premium can be negotiated against increased safety for Workers

We are working with leading Civil Construction Companies for Safety Screen Products