Access Door

An access door is a unique solution in building industry that comes in variety of types to serve various applications. Access doors may allow access to an enclosed space behind a wall, floor, or ceiling. Access Doors are mainly provided to grant access to small spaces or compartments that are located immediately behind them. 
These access doors are designed to align with the surfaces in which they are installed, allowing them to stay out of the way for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Others are designed to maintain your building's structural integrity, fire safety, privacy, and other important requirements.
All of our doors meet or exceed a variety of different expectations and needs, but they're all constructed with high-quality materials, powder coated surface finish and available with multiple installation options.
Standard Sizes are 600 x 600 mm, 700 mm x 1050 mm, 700 mm x 1100 mm, 700 mm x 1150 mm
Also these can be manufactured as per custom sizes.